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Bud Nosen: The Man Behind the Craft

A Life of Passion and Innovation

Franklin Robert 'Bud' Nosen was not just the founder of Bud Nosen Models; he was a pioneer and an inspiration in the world of model aviation and wood crafting. Born in 1935 in Gilbert, Minnesota, Bud's early fascination with model airplanes laid the foundation for what would become a lifelong pursuit. His journey from a draftsman and television repairman to the founder of a renowned model aircraft business is a testament to his innovative spirit and dedication.

The Birth of Bud Nosen Models

In 1970, Bud Nosen channeled his passion into a tangible reality by establishing Bud Nosen Models in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Initially focused on model aircraft, Bud's business quickly gained a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. His work in creating large-scale model airplanes brought joy and inspiration to countless enthusiasts and hobbyists, making a significant impact on the model aviation community.

A Legacy That Transcends Time

Bud Nosen's legacy extends far beyond the models he created. He was a mentor with a vision, and a source of inspiration for many. His dedication to his craft and his ability to innovate within the industry have left an indelible mark. Today, Bud Nosen Models continues to embody his passion, having evolved into a leading supplier of wood products for various crafting projects, while still honoring the roots of model aviation.

Continuing the Dream

As you would expect, Bud's family has taken up where he left off. Though Bud Nosen Models does not make model kits any longer, It's clear that Bud's vision and values remain at the heart of Bud Nosen Models. His commitment to quality, innovation, and the joy of crafting continues to guide the company through his wife of 54 years Shirley, and his children, John, Sandy, and Laurie.

As we look to the future, we do so with Bud's spirit in mind, striving to inspire and support our community of crafters and builders, just as Bud did throughout his life.